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Business Analysis Services


Business analysis services snapshot

Our business analysis services involve the use of a systematic approach to identify, analyze, and improve business processes and information systems in an organization. These services are aimed at understanding the needs and requirements of a business and translating them into a clear and concise solution that can be implemented using technology. We have experience working on wide range of topics within financial services industry. We have worked on below areas and can provide extensive support in these areas as functional experts.

  1. Market Risk management
  2. Credit Risk modelling
  3. Clearing & Settlement
  4. Financial regulatory reporting
  5. Asset management
  6. Data solutions within financial services domain
  7. Wide range of Exchange traded and OTC products
  8. Securities trade life cycle

Comprehensive IT Business analysis services include

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    Requirement Gathering

    We work with stakeholders to identify and document their needs and requirements for a project. Our Business analysts use various techniques such as interviews, surveys, and workshops to gather this information.

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    Process Analysis

    We analyze existing business processes to identify areas of inefficiency or opportunities for improvement. Our Business analysts use tools such as process maps and flowcharts to document and analyze these processes.

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    Solution Design

    We can design a solution that meets the needs and requirements of the business.  Our Business analysts work closely with technical teams to ensure that the solution is feasible and can be implemented using the available technology.

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    Project management

    This involves managing the project from start to finish. Our Business analysts are responsible for creating project plans, monitoring progress, and communicating with stakeholders.

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    Testing and Validation

    This involves testing the solution to ensure that it meets the requirements of the business. Our Business analysts work closely with technical teams to identify and fix any issues that arise during testing.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Domain Experts

    You get IT business analysts who have deep understanding of the functional aspects of the project

  • Trained IT Business analysts

    Through regular trainings, feedback and experience gained on various projects our Business analysts have firm understanding of the processes and documentation required for high quality project deliverables

  • Techno-Functional Expertise

    We also train our Business analysts in key technologies and tools required for more efficient analysis and fast deliverables.